Explore the history and culture of the Joburg

Johannesburg is no longer seen as a city exclusively for businessmen, the wonders of the real Jozi experience are waiting to be discovered through history, art, and culture tours.

Cultural walks

Walking tours are organised every Saturday by Ishvara Dyan’s culinary and culture travel company, Ancient Secrets. The walks offers visitors a chance to experience the cultural and traditional history of the area. Walks include: 

● Asian Culture in Cyrildene 

● Ethiopian Culture (CBD) 

● African Traditional Culture near Diagonal St 

● Arts on Main and the New JHB 

● Troyeville, the home of artists and political activists.

Dlala Nje 

Dlala Nje is the only tour company in Gauteng that holds tours through the inner city. All the proceeds go to the Dlala Nje Community Centre –a place of learning and entertainment for the children and youth of the surrounding low-income areas. The aim is to get visitors and locals alike to experience the real urban spaces of Joburg and its landmarks that have been previously avoided. The Hillbrow tour takes you on a visit to the revamped Ponte Tower, where you will witness a mind-blowing view of Joburg from a building once known for being a place of criminal activity. The tour continues to the Pretoria High Street and other attractions in Hillbrow. 

Mining District (CBD) 

This area of Joburg has been completely rejuvenated thanks to time and investment. The Mining District Walk or Main Street Mall is a tour through Joburg’s most significant resource. However, it’s more scenic than you would expect. Look out for landmarks like the Leaping Impala sculpture, old Mining Headgear and the Bear and Bull wall.

Little India 

Main Street in Fordsburg conjures the imagery of an Oriental bazaar even though its among historically Afrikaans Joburg architecture and landmarks. Travel down the road and soak up the energy as you browse colourful textiles, shop cosmetics like sandalwood soap and rosewater and have a look at the religious figures and knick knacks. For delicious sweetmeats, visit Shalimar Delights and indulge in Indian fare at al-Mehran. 

Travel tip: as a predominantly Muslim area, be aware when asking to order alcohol.

Cover photo by tebogo losaba on Unsplash

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